Thursday, June 08, 2006

How would you handle him?

So Ole’s watching Star Wars (for the ten millionth time in a week) yesterday afternoon and this is how the conversation goes:

Ole: “Is Jabba the Hut a bad guy?”
Me: “Yeah…I’d say he is a pretty bad guy.”
Ole: “You know what I’ll do to him?”
Me: “What?”
Ole: “I’ll hit him…because I’m the strongest.”
Me: “Mmm hmm” (looking at a magazine and not really paying attention)
Ole: “You know what else? I’ll kick him in the penis.”
Me: “You will?! Why?” (paying attention now)
Ole: “Because he’s a bad guy.”
Me: “But why will you kick him in the penis?”Ole: “Because he’s a bad guy” (sounding totally annoyed with me)
Me: “Yeah. I know…but why the penis? Why not the leg or something?”
Ole: “Oh yeah...I should kick him in the leg! Or…maybe I should step on his toes!”
Me: “That’s a good one. You should step on his toes.” (trying not to laugh)
Ole: “But he doesn’t have any feet.”
Me: “You’re absolutely right about that.”
Ole: “I’ll poke him in the eye…and it will water. A tear will come out.”
Me: “That’s totally what you should do.”
Ole: “Actually…I will destroy him with a real sword. I’ll cut him in half.”

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