Monday, January 22, 2007

Ole Wisdom Part 47B

Ole and I were talking about ears yesterday.

His theory was that if you didn't have ears ... you would hear better because there would be big holes there instead ... and ears wouldn't get in the way.

Here's the good part ...

He says he wishes he had doors for his ears ... so he could close them when his dad lectures him ...



Anonymous said...

but only when dad lectures him? he doesn't mind your lectures?


(my verification word: unebop)

Ole Iversen said...

Such ears are useful for many of us (sometimes). Very wise boy.

Anonymous said... you think ed might think it funny if one day we were all wandering the newsroom with doors on the sides of our heads, where our ears used to be?!?!?

aunt misbehaving

ps: my secret word is ziawyuv. do we win stuff if our words are special?