Thursday, August 16, 2007

When he's a rebellious teenager ... he'll listen to Barry Manilow

On the car ride to camp this morning ...

Ole: "Mama ... put on Black Sabbath.'
Me: "Ok."
Ole: "I wanna hear War Pigs."
Me: "Ok ... is this it?"
Ole: "No. That's The Wizard."
Me: "Is this it?"
Ole: "Yeah ... that's War Pigs."


Anonymous said...

I remember this from others, ask Rune if he remembers Kiss from his youth, I guess they are not his favourits today.
Bestefar Ole

rune said...

Your links suck ;-)

Queen of Cheese said...

Maybe he'll really like Duran Duran and you can take him to the big reunion show!!!!!

yes. that is the plan.