Friday, December 21, 2007

Adventures with Becky ...

So Ole spent the day with Becky and Laura.

I don't know what they did all day ... but I do know this:

Becky took him to a distillery where hundreds of people were in line to buy absinthe ... which of course is why they went there.

At some point in the afternoon ... I got this text from Becky:
We're just doing errands n hanging n shit

And then ... later in the day ... I got this text from Laura:
Let it be known it was my MOTHER who convinced your son his penis will fall off when hes seven


terry said...

well, it WILL fall off if he drinks absinthe.

isn't that why it was banned for so long?

(my verification word: spudz!)

rebecca said...

hey... at least we didn't have fire fun that day! although i'm still a little miffed that laura would not let me buy the bellows that i found in the fireplace department at target. it was SO cool! it blows air onto the fire to make the flames bigger!

as for the penis thing. oh sheesh. it's kinda like when ben and i convinced laura she was adopted. all in good fun!!

at least now you all know why ole loves his auntie becky days!