Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ole has a loose tooth! It's his first loose tooth.

Here's my question: Does anybody know the going rate for a tooth? How much does the tooth fairy leave these days?

I need answers. Fast.


Anonymous said...

it was a quarter when ben was a boy. then, inflation moved 2 or 3 bucks when laura was losing teeth. dollar coins are better than paper dollars, when it comes too loose tooth swag. but that's just what i think. some tooth fairies use really cool little velvet envelopes for the money they leave. that required more organization than i possessed.


by the way... karen who cuts my hair (the one who also gives birth to gigantababies) said her daughter was born with two teeth.

xoxo, aunt rebecca

Jon said...

My now ex set the damn rate at like 5 bucks for the first tooth. I made sure that it stayed no higher than 3 for subsequent teeth.

3 still seems to high for me. Am I a cheap bastard?

By the way, I snuck in through the bathroom window that Terry left open :D