Tuesday, March 21, 2006

chatting with ole

Here's the scene:

Ole and I...in the car...driving home from school this afternoon. KCBS is on the radio. A Geico commercial comes on.

Ole: "Geico?! I wish I could step on that lizard."
Me: "Why do want to step
on that lizard?"
Ole: "Because I like stepping on lizards."
Okay...a few things:

- He clearly watches too much television. The radio spot had no mention of lizards, but he recognized Geico as the company that uses the gecko (lizard) in the tv spots.
- Should I be concerned that he says he wants to smash small, innocent creatures? Isn't that one of the early signs of a sociopath?
- Instead of being concerned that he's turning into a serial killer...perhaps I should be rewarding his precocious awareness of annoying spokes-animals.

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