Wednesday, March 15, 2006

mind if i gush a little???

we had our first parent/teacher conference yesterday. here are just a few excerpts from the preschool conference report on my brilliant son...

- "He has excellent expressive language skills."
- "He very much enjoys talking about Batman, Spiderman and his pirate belt with (the teachers)."
- "He can be quite exuberant and loud when excited!"

- "He expresses his feelings quite well."
- "He is full of energy, very physical and seems to love any rough and tumble type game."
- "His cognitive skills are excellent!"
- "He has a keen knowledge of the world around him."
- "He asks lots of questions and wants to know the why of everything."
- "When told something he doesn't want to do, or when he wants more of something there is no more of, he is rarely satisfied with the answer or response to his question."
- "He's a happy kid!"
- "He is serious, yet playful, and he is quite thoughtful and loving."
- "He is very interactive with both peers and teachers - always telling or showing something with great enthusiasm, a warm smile and a friendly greeting."
- "He enjoys playing with Otto, Nicholas, Riley, Bo, Ben, Miles and sometimes Marshall and Noah."


Queen of Cheese said...

tell me something i don't know about Ole!! he rocks! :o)

good one ole.

terry said...

hey, i want a pirate belt too!

this is my favorite part:

"He can be quite exuberant and loud when excited!"

heh. sounds familiar.
nicely done, ole!

Angela said...

i don't know what you're talking about terry. you don't think he gets that from me, do you???

terry said...

sounds like you and everyone else we know, actually!