Saturday, September 17, 2005

36 Degrees and Raining

That's the weather that welcomed us when we arrived. When I say raining...I mean fucking pouring. And 36 degrees. What the fuck? It stayed like that yesterday too, but today it's better. Still cold. Still rainy. But you can see blue sky periodically and the rain is only intermittent.

Ole went out and picked plums with his grandfather this morning. He follows that man around wherever he goes...even if he just leaves the room. It is god damned cute. Later, Ole went out with his grandma and picked berries. They'll make jam. He's napping right now. That's because he woke up at 5:30 this morning and did not go back to sleep. He had many things to say at dawn; what's your favorite fruit, mama? When can we get up, mama? It's not nice when I hit people? Where's Mimi? Papa, what's your favorite fruit? Mines' watermelon. It's juicy and red like a fire truck. He was talking in total stream of consciousness ( i have no idea how to spell that word).

I'm hoping to go back to H&M asap...there are coats everywhere at that mall. Many coats and cute sweaters and boots. I am now in such a fall state of mind. I even bought tights to wear with my boots and skirts. I want more coats. Many more coats. Does anyone know how much 1195.00 kroner is?

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happy girl said...

so angela... where will you put all of those coats? i know the amount of closet space, or lack of, shall i say, that you have in that lovely little bungalow!!

very jealous. have fun.