Friday, September 16, 2005

hello from the land of the vikings...

Just got back from H&M...god I love this country...but first; the trip over.

Got on a plane at SFO at 11:35PM and flew for seven and a half hours to Iceland. I gotta was a much shorter flight than I thought it would be...and it felt like it. Ole was a travel pro...again. After dinner, we fell asleep for FOUR HOURS (he may have had a little synthetic assstance), so when we woke up we only had another hour and a half or so left on the flight. It was a breeze.

We had about two hours in Iceland...just enough time to walk around and have a soda at a cafe. Then we got on a flight to Oslo which took about two and a half hours. Again, Ole was a freakin champ! We ate and then he fell asleep; this time all on his own. We had about an hour and a half in Oslo before our 40 minute flight to Trondheim. Ole and I slept most of it.

When we finally arrived in Trondheim it was about midnight local time. Norway is nine hours ahead. After that, we had an hour and a half drive to Rune's parents' house. Phew, we made it. I have to admit, it was the easiest quickest trip over here we've ever had...although I guess it was about 20 hours door to door.

We went to sleep at who knows what time, but we did sleep until noon. ALL THREE OF US SLEPT TILL NOON! Can you freakin believe that?

So, in short, we had a pretty smooth trip and a lovely visit so far. That's all for now.


terry said...

you've already been to H&M?? nicely done!

take care of the raspberry...

Queen of Cheese said...

How did raspberry do?

Hooray!!!!! H and M!!!!!!!!!!!